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Got Tickets?

At the Traffic Ticket Defense Center, we focus on defending routine and serious motor vehicle violations throughout the State of Maryland.

Speeding • Aggressive Driving • Reckless Driving • Stop Signs • MVA Hearings • Accidents • Alcohol-Related Offenses • Red Lights • Negligent Driving • CDL & Motor Carrier violations.

So You Got A Ticket

Traffic tickets are serious business.

They can result in fines, court costs and points being placed against your driving record. Accumulating enough points within a two-year period subjects a person to additional sanctions by the Motor Vehicle Administration, including driving school, an official warning letter, a point system conference, suspension or even revocation or driving privileges. And imagine how high your car insurance will be.

What Should You Do?

Paying the citations without going to Court gets you points from the Motor Vehicle Administration. Not paying the tickets and not going to Court will get your license suspended or revoked. Get caught driving while suspended or revoked and you could go to jail.

People often go to Court without an attorney, but most of those people don’t know how to effectively defend themselves. They’re nervous and uncomfortable in court, they say the wrong things, and usually don’t even know whether the State has enough evidence to prove its case.

Whatever your traffic trouble, Traffic Ticket Defense Center can help. Each year since 1993, Traffic Ticket Defense Center has represented hundreds of drivers and has helped them avoid points, fines and sanctions at the Motor Vehicle Administration. In most instances, a Traffic Ticket Defense Center attorney can resolve your tickets without you even having to appear in court.

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Points and Fines for Routine Traffic Violations Sanctions for Serious Traffic Violations

The Traffic Ticket Defense Center opened in 1993 with the singular purpose of representing drivers faced with motor vehicle violations. Since that time, Attorney David H. Weinstein and the Traffic Ticket Defense Center have helped thousands of drivers navigate their way through the court system, saving them untold amounts in fines, sparing them countless points, and preventing them years of incarceration. We like to think that in the process, we've also made them better drivers.

Attorney David H. Weinstein is a graduate of the University of Maryland and the New England School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been practicing law for over 30 years. Affiliated attorneys David Gloth and Jacqueline Draper both have extensive experience representing commercial and non-commercial drivers in traffic courts throughout the State of Maryland.

Whatever your traffic trouble, routine or serious, the Traffic Ticket Defense Center can help. And in most instances, a Traffic Ticket Defense Center Attorney can resolve your tickets without you having to personally appear in court. David H. Weinstein